Xiaomi Quad-Curved Waterfall Display Concept Phone With No Bezels, Ports & Buttons Unveiled

A new concept phone that has a quad-curved waterfall display has been unveiled by Xiaomi. With no ports or buttons anywhere, the phone has curved edges on all four sides. The phone will probably use touch sensors for power, volume control and other features, and will probably support wireless charging capabilities, as there is also no charging port. The four curved edges give a futuristic look to the Xiaomi concept phone. A camera module with a large sensor is placed in the top-left corner of the back.

The company has tweeted to introduce the concept phone for the new Xiaomi quad-curved waterfall display. On YouTube, it has also published a video showing the phone from all sides. On all sides of the phone, the curved edges allow for a flowing, waterfall-like display running on what seems to be a modified version of its MIUI skin.

There are no ports or buttons on the handset and the video indicates that to adjust volume and access power functions, the phone may have touch sensors. Since there is also no charging port, wireless charging may be supported by the Xiaomi quad-curved waterfall display concept phone. The video shows that Xiaomi has shifted the status bar to the right edge, giving the front portion of the display a cleaner look. The selfie camera appears to have been put under the screen, although that detail has not been officially confirmed by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi says that the phone has an 88-degree surface area hyper quad-curved that “represents the sum of 46 ground-breaking patents, greater than its components.” Keep in mind that this is only a concept phone and may or may not be made available on the commercial market by Xiaomi.

Several OEMs use concept phones to demonstrate to their customers what they are capable of. Vivo introduced the Apex 2020 in February last year with a 120-degree curved edgeless display, giving the illusion of a borderless front, and has a unique selfie in-display camera hidden behind the screen. Even OnePlus last month introduced the 8T concept phone with an all-new back panel featuring a color-changing film.