Xiaomi Leads Close 145 Million Indian Smartphone Shipments in Pandemic-Hit 2020: Canalys

With a 28 percent market share and 40.7 million units delivered in 2020, Xiaomi stayed in the lead.

As the Indian smartphone market ends in 2020, Xiaomi leads with almost 145 million units shipped compared to the 148 million smartphones shipped in 2019, a recent Canalys report says. Owing to the coronavirus-induced lockdowns in the early part of the year, the small decrease of two percent was due to the coronavirus-induced lockdowns, but the second half more than recovered for the loss with solid shipments driving the third quarter. The pandemic forced individuals to start working remotely and attending online courses, prompting individuals to buy smartphones. At 28 percent market share and 40.7 million units delivered in 2020, Xiaomi stood at the top of the table.

Canalys says that because of the Indo-China political headwind, Chinese suppliers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo saw little effect and they collectively contributed to about 77 percent of total shipments in 2020, compared to 72 percent in 2019. While Xiaomi is in the lead spot, it reportedly saw an annual decrease of five percent in its year-over-year shipments. However, after shipping 28.6 million units in 2020, Xiaomi still has a large lead over Samsung, which is second, capturing 20 percent of the market share.

With 26.9 million units delivered, Vivo comes in third, raking in 19 percent market share, says the Canalys survey. With 19.5 million units shipped and 13 per cent of market share achieved in 2020, Realme saw the most growth. Canalys says the business saw an annual growth of 24 percent. This is close to what was recorded just a day ago by Counterpoint, with Realme seeing the fastest growth in 2020. With 17.3 million shipments and 12% market share in 2020, Oppo saw an eight percent annual rise.

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