Windows 11 is Now Finally Launched – New UI, Features, and More

From many days we are seeing new leaks and report about new Windows version. Now Microsoft finally launched new version of Windows – Windows 11. The big focus for Windows 11 is a simplification of the Windows user interface, a new Windows store, and improvements to performance and multitasking. Windows 11 will also include support for running Android apps for the first time. There are many new things there on new version. Let’s discuss one by one.

Why does Microsoft release a new Windows version?

This is a good question and many of us asking that. In 2015, When Microsoft was introduce Windows 10, then company stated that “Windows 10 is the last version of Windows,”. But on starting of June, Microsoft announced an online event to reveal “the next generation of Windows.” Here’s some reason to justify this decision.

  • It’s profitable for the company. Shipping new versions of major products such as Windows has historically resulted in an increase in Microsoft’s revenue growth rate.
  • Developers. If Windows is revamped, software developers may seek to port their applications to the operating system in order to profit on increased public interest. “Windows, of course, succeeded in large part because developers chose to build their applications for Windows,” Chris Capossela, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, said during a conversation with Evercore analyst Kirk Materne.
  • Optimization across platform. Many of us know that Microsoft tried many times to optimize their OS to Arm platform but software compatibility issues have made this hard to recommend. As recently Apply announced their new OS that runs on Arm-based M1 chips with a huge battery boost with NO performance compromisation, Microsoft started feeling the necessity of new OS which will compatible with future platforms.

Windows 11 : Features

New design

The new Start menu does away with the Live Tiles that were first introduced with Windows 8, favoring a more traditional launcher similar to that found in Chrome OS or Android. There are apps, recent documents, and a separate search interface. Much of the centered appearance is clearly influenced by macOS and Chrome OS, and Windows 11 also includes the rounded corners we’ve seen in both Android and iOS.

Snap Layouts, as Microsoft refers to it, allow you to rapidly snap programs into the different modes that Windows 11 supports. Thanks to a feature called Snap Groups, this new version of Windows 11 will also remember where your programs are kept.

It appears to be a practical approach to handle numerous monitors and guarantee that programs launch on the proper screen at all times. This is especially useful if you’re using a laptop with a monitor attached or a classic desktop computer with several screens.

Performance Improvement

Some leaked benchmarks out there claiming 5%, 10% and even greater performance gains with Windows 11, and while that might be true for certain hardware configurations. Windows 11 enhance support for hybrid architecture processors for mixed for more performance and power saving CPU cores.

Teams integration on Windows 11

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11.

Microsoft announced Teams integration on next-generation Windows during the Windows 11 launch event. The goal is to link everyone in a smooth and fast ways. Users of Windows will be able to phone and video call anyone. It makes no difference which device you use.

Android apps coming to Windows

Windows 11 app store with Android apps

Now windows 11 natively support Android app. Windows 11 is using the Intel Bridge compiler to adapt Android apps to run on x86 systems. Microsoft has confirmed that the Intel Bridge-based solution will work on AMD-powered systems along with Intel-powered systems. As for ARM-based systems, the systems will be able to run Android apps without needing the Intel Bridge layer.

Windows 11 is for gamers out there

New Xbox app in Windows 11

PC gaming should be better on Windows 11, too. The upgrade brings in DirectX 12 support for better high-frame rate gaming, and Auto HDR should simplify high-dynamic range improvements by running them without needing to futz with graphics card settings or tweak every time you want to switch between different monitors.

Microsoft also put a lot of emphasis on Xbox Game Pass, although the majority of the game offers and features, such as cross-platform play, appear to be items that were already accessible.

Will Windows 11 Be A Free Upgrade?

For those who are curious, Windows 11 will be available for testing to Windows Insider members beginning next week. Later in 2021, it will be offered as a free update for current Windows 10 users, and it will be pre-installed on future PCs. Microsoft also introduced the PC Health Check app, which will allow users to see if their Windows 10 PC can be upgraded.

If a Windows 10 license has been purchased for the specified device, Windows 7 PCs that match the minimum specs will be able to execute the update.

Customers will be able to purchase Windows 11 at retail in 2022 and install it on eligible devices running Windows 7. Microsoft hasn’t changed any SKUs, so customers will have the same two options as before: Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro.

Minimum requirements have also been specified, with Microsoft stating that all major silicon partners, such as Qualcomm, AMD, and Intel, are supported, but Windows 11 will not be as lightweight, implying that a 64-bit x86 or ARM processor, as well as at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, will be required.