WhatsApp Web to Get Dark Mode: How You Should Change It Now

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most-used social media apps. Its mobile application has a Dark Mode feature on it but lacks the feature on the WhatsApp Web. But now there are rumors saying that WhatsApp is also working on adding dark mode to its web interface. You’ll have to wait until the update arrives, and then use the Dark Mode. But even before it’s released internationally, you can get the theme to yourself.

How To Enable the WhatsApp Web Dark Mode?

You will first have to go to the Site of WhatsApp and open your account. If you don’t know how to do that; open the smartphone application for WhatsApp. Then search for and open the WhatsApp web option on it and a code scanner will appear on your phone. Go to your web browser after this, and open the site of WhatsApp Web. A code will then show up on your screen. Only check the code with the security scanner that showed up on the computer of your smartphone and you’re logged in.

After opening your Web version of WhatsApp, just right-click on the window and you’ll get the option to inspect. Click here. You may also use the Ctrl+Shift+I keys to access the website, as an alternative. This should open the page code and an editing console along with it. The string – ‘body class = web’ at the top must be found. The string determines the original theme class. Replace the word cloud with Cloud dark to make your web page dark. When the string has been replaced, simply click the Enter key. Your web page should turn dark immediately.

This feature will work no matter which browser you are using. WhatsApp can later come out with a toggle that changes the setting within the inspection. One more thing, any time you open the tab again and sign in new, you’ll need to update the settings. So just wait for WhatsApp to release its official toggle if it’s too much trouble for you.

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