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The free and unlimited binge-watching extravaganza for the Netflix non-believers, at for this time, is incoming. The most popular streaming service in the world has confirmed that anyone who isn’t a Netflix subscriber in India will be able to access all of content on Netflix completely free for two days in December. The Netflix StreamFest starts on December 5 and ends at the close of December 6. The Netflix StreamFest will be available for users across devices, including Android phones, Android TV, smart TVs and more.

Here is how to get access to the Netflix content as part of the free and unlimited Netflix StreamFest. Head to the Netflix Streamfest site and set up a reminder. You will be notified when the Netflix StreamFest is about to start. You can then create a Netflix account and start watching movies and TV shows on the streaming app. You can create this account for free and there is no need to make any payment at this time or link a credit or debit card to the Netflix account just yet. To sign up though, you will need to either do it on the Netflix StreamFest website or via the Android app. However, once you have made the Netflix account, you can then use any device or platform that Netflix is available on, to access the movies and TV shows—that includes Android TV, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple TV, Sony PlayStation consoles and more. Do remember though, the streams for the Netflix Streamfest users will be in standard definition (SD).

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