US and China create a semiconductor working group to tackle the problems of export control and supply chain protection

The China-based tech trade association, called the China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), has established a working group on “to help with issues of export controls and supply chain protection.” reports in SCMP state that the company made an announcement earlier today (11th March 2021). Many who are unaware of CSIA were aware that it’s a 774 member firms in the semiconductor industry. The move comes amidst a worldwide semiconductor shortage that has shifted numerous industries. Some reports had appeared suggesting that US President Joe Biden had announced plans to lift anti-chips trade restrictions in China to ease global chip supply problems.

Additionally, this will benefit such firms as Huawei Technologies and Semiconductor International (SMIC). The working group is in search of greater mutual understanding and cooperation and confidence with the US semiconductor industries, according to a CSIA statement on their website.

The American counterpart to the CSIA is the Semiconductor Association or IA, which has yet to be established. formal meetings will take place every six months in Washington, DC, with 10 experts from both locations rotating in and out to make sure the community stays informed about technological advancements and discuss trade policies.

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