Ultrabooks and convertible laptops based on Intel 10 nm Lakefield SoC Coming Soon

Intel has just launched its 10th mobile processor Gen Ice Lake a few days ago based on the 10 nm method. While the review units were scarce and only partial tests were performed, it would be safe to say that Intel’s portfolio of 10 nm* exists* effectively. Either way, at least in the room of mobility. After Ice Lake, Lakefield is the next component to look out for which ultrabooks and convertibles are effectively a SoC for low-power. It will incorporate some of the finest Intel techniques from the Sunny Cove cores to Gen11 graphics and the latest 3D packaging method from Foveros. As the release date approaches, we see the SoC’s manifestos and records. This is the recent one:

It cites a mobile “PC Tablet Computer” based on Lakefield, but we can be sure that this is an ultrabook or convertible, assuming that the industry is almost dead. The document is about a week old with a five-year validity. In case you weren’t conscious, Lakefield will be a first for Intel with one primary high-performance Sunny Cove core and several smaller ones, 3D stacked (Foveros) with DRAM and the Gen11 graphics processor on the same die. With a compact form factor and better efficiency than standard ultrabooks, devices powered by these SoCs will be fairly energy effective. Below you can see the official Intel video:

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