The best 13-inch laptops 2020: the best laptops with small screens

The best 13-inch laptops are among the most portable laptops you can get. Surprisingly, they’re also very capable machines, able to keep up with a lot of their larger counterparts. Somehow, they manage to pack a lot of power into a very slim portable. That makes them ideal for anyone wanting something that can handle a workload and can be easily used on the go, whether that’s professionals who need a little more power or students looking for the most affordable portables.

Obviously, 15-inch laptops would come with a wider screen and more space for powerful interiors, but if a smaller form factor and portability are priorities, even the better 13-inch laptops will not beat you. That’s not to say that these portable devices are small. They actually come fitted with a remarkable amount of performance, capable of taking on some light gaming, creation of music, and editing of photographs. There’s a reason why on the best corporate notebooks, best Ultrabooks, or best laptop lists, you’ll find more than a handful of them.

If you’re searching for a particular brand like the best Acer laptops, a particular form factor like a 2-in-1 laptop, whether you’re trying to pick between the best Windows laptops or the best Macs, you’re going to find one of the best 13-inch laptops to fit your needs.

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