The Apple Patent Application indicates that it could have a Fraying Lightning Cables solution

Apple proposes developing a strain relief sleeve, or the extra thickening of cables overall.

Apple has filed a patent application that could so easily stop the fraying of its lightning cables. The patent is for a cable that could solve this issue with variable stiffness. Apple’s lightning cables have a reputation for easy fraying, but this patent could have found a solution for the company. Ideas for a cable that won’t fray easily were proposed by the Cupertino-company. It speaks of a cable with ‘variable stiffness’ in the patent application and acknowledges that it is well known that bending the cable near the termination point where it enters the phone could cause unwanted strain on wire connections, which could lead to cable failure.

On August 3, 2019, Apple filed a patent application dated February 4, 2021. Apple Insider first spotted it.

Apple proposes to develop a strain relief sleeve made of a stiff material around the end region of the cable in the patent application. It is said that this rigid material will generate a localized increase in the cable’s bending resistance, which in turn will relieve strain on the wire connections. Apple also proposes additional overall cable thickening. The application for the patent also includes a design.