Telegram Makes In-App Video Editor, Two-Step Verification and More Features

Telegram is the only instant messaging app that comes into direct competition with WhatsApp. The instant messaging app provides a variety of stunning features along with enhanced data security measures. Telegram has launched an number of new technologies to boost user experience. The list of new features includes video editor in-app, animated stickers, talking gifs and much more. Not only this, but Telegram also updated its security features and announced verification for its users in two steps. Telegram new features will improve the user experience of chatting and browsing. Even, since the implementation of a two-step authentication, consumers would need to worry about data and privacy violations.

In-App Video Editor Will Help Users Edit Videos in Two Taps

Telegram’s launched new in-app video editor tool will help users easily edit their videos in just two taps. We all know that editing videos is both difficult and tricky. But while drawing, the video enhancement feature will provide users with various tools, such as saturation, brightness and zoom in option. Using all the tools, users will be able to edit videos in the easiest and most convenient manner.

Two-step verification should secure user data in the App

Telegram always makes sure its users are not worried about the data breach. From a data security perspective, the instant messaging app has introduced the two-step verification. Users will have to click on Privacy and Security option to enable the two-step verification feature and select the two-step verification feature. Users will then have to set up a new password and enter it twice, followed by a hint to password. Once the two-step verification in the users account is enabled, any suspicious person trying to log in from a new device will need to know the password along with OTP.

Cache Memory Management Tool Will Clean-up Storage

Telegram also introduced a Cache memory management tool to clean up the storage according to users convenience. In order to allow the feature, users will have to use the Data and Settings option and click on the storage use to display media file composition. Users will also be given the option of choosing a scale from when they choose to retain their previous data from 3 days to forever. Telegram will then delete unassessed files with the feature. However, if users need the files back, they will be able to redownload the data from Telegram cloud.

Animated stickers will improve the experience of user chat

Telegram has launched various animated stickers that can be placed while editing in photos and videos. Users will be able to turn their normal images and video into GIFs with the feature. In addition, the instant messaging app has introduced speaking GIFs that will improve user chat experience. Users will also be getting versatile directories for chat management along with usable animations. Telegram’s reintroduced the practical animations for a smooth and improved experience.

Telegram has introduced all the new features to ensure a smooth browsing experience for the users. In addition, the instant messaging app focussed on user data security. Telegram has been offering its users some of the most amazing features since the launch which distinguishes the app from rivals. Media sharing is one of the features that interest the users. Telegram allows other users to share unrestricted files up to 1.5 GB. Another feature that sets apart its rival ‘s instant messaging app is the broadcasting classes. In Telegram, users can create groups that can broadcast up to 200,000 people to countless audiences. Users can expect Telegram to add more exciting new features in the future, and give its rival WhatsApp a tough competition.

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