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Star Citizen’s New latest update v3.6(Alpha) Released

Star Citizen, the game infamous for accumulating more than $2 M through crowdfunding (source) and permanently delaying its launch in 2014, has got a fresh update for its current alpha state, roughly three months after the prior version was published.

Some noteworthy improvements from the release notes include–

  • Complete revision of the legislation and crime scheme
  • Added illegal type shipping tasks for forbidden and robbed products.
  • Hover mode has been added.
  • New boats, cars and arms And more…

If you want to look up on the full function list and get the update, head over to the formal launch website.

To mount the update, it is essential to access the fresh launcher from this website.

After years of delay, there seems to be some hope that the finished game could be started by 2020. The next update is scheduled to be published around September.

Star Citizen's

If you want to learn more about the game and buy it, head over to the developer’s blog,