Save $90 on the Corsair K95 Keyboard for Mechanical Gaming

When you think of the best gaming keyboards available right now, Corsair’s K95 RGB Platinum typically ranks extremely, alongside gaming quality of life features such as adjustable keys and RGB lighting, a flagship model with convenient and easily sensitive Cherry MX Speed switches.

And now, at Best Buy, you can get $90 off the list price. For just $109.99, upgrade your gaming system.

Over the years, if it is not broken, Corsair has religiously adopted the mantra of not repairing anything. The K95 Platinum is the culmination of several years of incremental upgrades to what already began as a fairly stellar gaming keyboard.

This gunmetal gray premium aluminum construction feels comfortable and weighty in the side, and for fast reaction times to in-game action, the keys use Cherry MX Speed switches.

For custom game macros, there are also 18 programmable keys to help you pull off complex game commands without having to memorize a string of key presses. But this is not only perfect for gaming, as media keys help you get around programs with ease and for long working hours, the palm wrest is comfortable.