Samsung Display can expand the supply of OLED notebooks

According to TheElec research, the South Korean tech giant is considering using its A2 line to expand OLED notebook output instead of constructing a new A4-2 line. The company is also planning to manufacture more OLED notebook panels by building a Gen 6 rigid OLED production plant at Asan’s L7-2 plant. The plant is currently being used to produce large LCD displays, which are currently being downsized by the company.

In addition, Samsung Display is already using some of the power of its A2 line to produce OLED notebook panels. Back in 2020, the company delivered more than 800,000 units of these panels. In addition, the brand is also planning to ship 2 million notebook OLED units, although it is likely to produce only 1.5 million units from the A2 line alone.

In the meantime, global LCD panel makers are also expected to set higher shipment goals for notebook applications this year. This increase in production also comes in the context of higher demands for large screen devices, such as laptop PCs, due to an increase in the popularity of home-related work, such as remote work or online education. According to the DigiTimes survey, global shipments increased by more than 20% year on year in 2020.