Reliance Jio has partnered with Oppo for successful SA 5G trials

A number of 5G experiments have recently taken place in India’s major areas, including Mumbai and Gurgaon. While the majority of the testing were for sub-6GHz networks, Reliance Jio has partnered with Oppo to field test Jio’s SA (Standalone) 5G networks.

The Reno6 series of smartphones from Oppo were also utilized in the 5G testing. The Reno6 Pro and Reno6 were chosen for their capacity to connect to a wide range of 5G networks, with the Reno6 Pro supporting 11 5G bands and the Reno6 having 13 5G bands. The remainder of the testing in the region were just for NSA (non standalone) networks, therefore these trials are significant in India’s 5G strategy. The device completed a WhatsApp video chat over a 5G network as part of the testing.

NSA networks, for those who aren’t aware, rely on current 4G infrastructure to improve 5G connection. SA networks, on the other hand, only use 5G technology and infrastructure. “As a 5G pioneer, OPPO India is working tirelessly to expedite 5G rollout and accessibility for all,” said Tasleem Arif, VP and R&D Head of OPPO India. Our Reno6 Series 5G standalone network experiment with Jio is part of our in-depth study in the 5G era to provide a better user experience.”

“The successful certification of Reno6 Series devices on Jio’s 5G SA network is evidence to our dedication as a firm to provide cutting-edge technology to our customers,” the official continued. In December 2020, the smartphone manufacturer opened its first international 5G innovation facility in Hyderabad, India. This lab has played a critical role in the company’s 5G patents.