Reliance Jio 4K Set-Top Box: Things that Set it Apart from Other Offering On The Market

Reliance Jio announced on August 12 a lot of fresh facilities for its very valuable customers to bring to India. A host of fresh facilities were launched by the Mukesh Ambani led telecom operator for the subscribers waiting for them. While many individuals were waiting for the fiber-based broadband facilities, many individuals were also waiting for a Reliance Jio TV announcement. Reliance Jio announced for these individuals that Jio Set-Top Box would operate depending on the JioFiber link. Also on stage, Reliance Jio performed a demonstration showing the world how the set-top box and its characteristics would work. Now, although this product’s pricing has not been shown by the telecom operator, it has managed to gain important consumer interest and traction. The main issue among the individuals was how this service differs from the current ones.


Differences Between Reliance Jio Set-Top Box and Other Operators

The big distinction between Reliance Jio’s offer and current ones is the full variety of characteristics Reliance Jio offers through the set-top box. There are comparable choices out there as Airtel Internet TV, but Jio’s entertainment solution console comes with a broad range of characteristics not being offered by the other entertainment alternatives. Reliance Jio also announced that customers will also be able to access the channels on their TV via local cable operators (LCOs) such as Hathway Cable and DEN Networks.

Portfolio of Apps  

Not only this, but Reliance Jio’s other significant consumer offering was the big portfolio of applications that ships stuff like live TV, video-on-demand content, and more. So far, however, there was no way for Reliance Jio to correctly display this material on the larger screen. Now the telecom operator can take this material to the TV screens with the Jio set-top box. Users can appreciate applications such as JioSaavn, Jio TV and more.

Gaming, MR and VR Features

Another important characteristic of the set-top box of Reliance Jio would be gaming, allowing it in a full-fledged form. Jio demonstrates the set-top box hosting a FIFA 19 game in his demonstration, saying the STB would be compatible with all game controllers and bringing more games to the platform with gaming companies. Besides this, there will also be MR and VR facilities for subscribers as well. Finally, there will be the JioCalll function that enables video calling through the quick JioFiber connection with up to four individuals at the same moment.

The nearest competitor to the set-top box on the market for Reliance Jio is Airtel Internet TV, which comes with Android TV assistance and lacks certain characteristics such as VR or MR. The box is priced at Rs 3,499 and presently offers OTT applications and more characteristics that make it worth going against Reliance Jio set-top box.

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