PUBG,TikTok India Ban Now ermanent, Along With 58 Other Apps: Reports

According to news, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has permanently banned PUBG,TikTok and a total of 59 applications from Chinese companies in India. In June 2020, these apps were banned by the government, and now, reports citing sources suggest the ban on these apps is now permanent.

Sources had told Gadgets 360 in an earlier conversation that after the ban, the government had asked for answers from all the businesses that were barred about the data being collected and how it was used. It seems the government was not pleased with the response and, according to sources, sent a notice last week.

This does not bode well for the other users, over 200 at the end of the year, which were banned over the course of 2020. Some, such as the extremely popular PUBG Mobile smartphone game, tried to remedy the situation by releasing a new, India-only version, PUBG Mobile India, which was announced in November, after recruiting new employees in India. Subsequent responses to RTIs, however, showed that MeitY did not give permission for the relaunch.

It looks unlikely that the game will make a comeback in India quite soon with this latest creation. It is also unclear what this announcement means that the hundreds of individuals working in India by ByteDance (Tiktok’s parent company) had been told by Gadgets 360 by sources that the team in India was retained after the ban and participated in global operations. With India seeing a permanent ban now, is the company going to continue to proceed this way?

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