PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 Starting on July 7 with New ‘Livik’ Map

Tencent is all set to release PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 on Tuesday, July 7, after weeks of teasing a new map. The official patch notes are now out. The latest update brings with it a new map, a new Season 14 Royale Pass, and much more. With this update, servers are not supposed to be offline, requiring around 1.84 GB of storage space on Android devices and 2.13 GB of storage space on iOS devices. The biggest change would be the inclusion of a brand new map named ‘Livik’ which was previously known as ‘Hidden Map’ in beta.

It will be the first-ever exclusive map designed exclusively for PUBG ‘s mobile edition. It is the smallest diagram, measuring 2 km x 2 km, with 52 players and match times in 15 minutes. The new map will only feature two new weapons, namely P90 SMG and MK12. However, there’s no mention of much-anticipated Erangel 2.0. While the update goes live tomorrow, it’s only planned that the Season 14 Royale Pass, ‘Spark the Fire’ will arrive on July 14. A new theme, ‘The Ancient Key,’ is set to appear early as well. It’ll also be accessible only on Erangel and Miramar.

A new warm-up season event will be going live tomorrow, too. It will allow players to fight in Classic Mode (unranked) 4-player teams, and complete missions to gain a small amount of Season 14 ranking points. Payload and RageGear modes will only be available during the weekends after the update of the edition and the Bluehole mode will not be available any more.

The update also brings slight changes to the gameplay as you can now opt to choose first Quickdraw Mags or Extended Mags. The game will now alert a teammate when the flare gun fails to fire. Tencent finally fixed the issue of screen lockup when a player is stuck on ‘Loading’ when they enter the battle on an unstable network.

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