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OnePlus officially confirmed name and logo ‘OnePlus TV’

Chinese technology giant OnePlus is all set to launch the highly anticipated OnePlus TV. After collecting thoughts from the company’s fan base for over a year, OnePlus lastly settled for its first intelligent TV on the OnePlus TV moniker. The formal confirmation disclosed behind the name their ideology. “No other brand can be better than ours to reflect our value, vision and pride. Therefore, it was decided to stick with the brand name of OnePlus, “reads the OnePlus PR. Also revealed in the same post was the logo for OnePlus TV.

OnePlus is rumored to introduce a variety of Smart TVs, featuring LCD and OLED panels, rather than just launching one TV. Last week’s certification listing disclosed that the firm is working on a whole television lineup, between 43 and 75 inches. OnePlus announced last year its plans to enter the smart television market. In a declaration in September 2018, CEO Pete Lau asserted that OnePlus TV would be a “flagship premium choice.” Through their lineup, the plan is to deliver “complete connectivity.” This is a step to counter Xiaomi’s Mi TV’s growing market dominance.

Tipster Ishan Agarwal, together with My Smart Price, disclosed previously this week a likely launch date for OnePlus TV. He argues that OnePlus will be debuting its first lineup of smart TVs between Sept. 25 and Sept. 30 based on accounts from individuals ‘ familiar with growth.’ The launch event is expected to take place on Sept. 26. Apart from being sold in the formal shops, OnePlus TV will be an exclusive Amazon product in India. As disclosed in an previous listing on Bluetooth SIG, the firm will also sell its OnePlus TVs in China and the US.

OnePlus is likely to take their 43-inch television to India, while the 75-inch model is directed at the markets of China and the United States. OnePlus TV could use the platform for Google Android TV with minor OnePlus customizations. “Our homes are beginning to enjoy intelligent connectivity advantages. But it’s still quite difficult to display pictures from the mobile on TV. Our imagination is boundless with the implementation of AI, and we look forward to the future. “Pete Lau added in a press interview.

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