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New Intel Xeon-W 26 Core 52 Thread CPU Leaked Out

Intel’s Xeon-W line of processors is similar to Intel’s Core X Workstation CPUs but comes with the added support for ECC memory and hence the ‘Xeon-W’ branding. It also has more lanes than x299 CPUs for PCIe. The fastest Xeon-W processor presently available is the Xeon-W 3275(M) 28 core 56 thread clocking up to 4.4GHz. This fresh leak from Sandra indicates a 26-core 52-thread SKU reduction is coming. This CPU was tested on the basis of the C621 socket based on an ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme.

The new CPU squeezes between the Xeon-W 3275 M thread of 28 core 56 and the thread of 24 core 48 3265M. So it’s pretty likely that Intel could name this new SKU the Xeon-W 3270M. Another interesting thing to note is that the new CPU’s TDP is 180W, lower than both the 3265 M and 3275M. Of course, this can be clarified by the reduced 4.1GHz turbo clock frequency on the current CPU, whereas the other 2 chips are up to 4.4GHz each.

Intel Xeon-W 3275MIntel Xeon-W 3270M (?)Intel Xeon-W 3265M
Base clock2.5GHzN/A2.7GHz
Boost clock4.4GHz4.1GHz4.4GHz
L2 Cache28 MB26 MB24 MB
L3 Cache38.5 MB35.75 MB33 MB
Price$7453$6753 (?)$6353

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