Microsoft Word will introduce a text prediction feature next month.

The text predictive feature is coming out in Word next month. The new feature will work similarly to the existing prediction feature that uses machine learning to predict what people’s next few words will be. This is a common feature that speeds up the process for users.

The company says the introduction of the feature will help “users write more efficiently by predicting text quickly, timely and accurately.” The predictions feature was first announced by Microsoft via a beta version last year, however, Neowin spotted the feature being rolled out to about 50 percent of the Beta Channel users.

How will the popularity of Microsoft Word predictions be determined?

Once the Word prediction feature is rolled out, it will highlight the prediction in gray and users can accept it by pressing the ‘Tab’ key. The prediction will become better as the AI begins to recognise the author’s writing style. For those who do not want to take advantage of the predictions feature, they are also available to be turned off.

Microsoft has also announced that it will be rolling out a feature that will allow users to finish writing emails faster.

The company has also promised it will not share the information with any other vendor and no human users will ever be able to access it. Word users can contact help using the feedback option in the Help menu. Google rolled out its predictions feature in 2019, and it has been accepted by a number of users across the globe. The addition of predictions in Microsoft Word can help it gain traction in a business that Google has been dominating.