Microsoft to Launch Windows 11 Modern Taskbar with New Features

While many native apps and services have been updated with Windows 11 or even Windows 10, Task Manager has been neglected for too long. Microsoft to make major modification to Task Manager in Build 22543, which remains the most helpful feature in Windows 11.

So here in this screenshot you can see the new Task Manager. Microsoft has changed Task Manager’s base layout by relocating options such as processes to a new menu. These choices were originally available at the Task Manager’s top. These settings, like Settings and other modern Windows 11 apps, are now found on the left-hand side menu in the new design.

A new feature for monitoring the health of your apps using Task Manager is one of the more exciting findings in preview releases. A feature called “App health” would notify users when their app needs to be updated.

A new “Startup apps” section will also be available to help users identify apps that are slowing down the device during startup.

The Task Manager update for laptop users will contain a new feature called “Battery health,” which will allow users to see the current state of their battery while running resource-intensive programmes.