Lenovo Teases Smartphone Series That Could Take on New Redmi Note 9 Models

The launch of its new series that appears to take on the new Redmi Note 9 smartphones that Xiaomi is releasing in China on November 26 has been teased by Lenovo. A teaser image on Weibo that aims to take a dig at Redmi has been posted by the Chinese group. It is rumored that Lenovo will bring the Lemon series back to market. The new line of cheap phones could contend against the new versions of the Redmi Note 9 that will arrive next week in China.

No particular information about the latest Lenovo smartphone series are given in the teaser posted on Weibo. Nevertheless it shows three thin-bezel phones and says, “6 Coming.” The firm has also added a tagline that reads, “Three Swords Together according to Google Translate.

Interestingly, just hours after Redmi posted the invite to the Redmi Note 9 series on Weibo on Friday, Lenovo carried its preview. The teaser is also designed to make it look like an inverted invitation by Redmi.

lenovo smartphone series launch teaser weibo Lenovo

On Friday, Lenovo posted its mobile launch teaser on Weibo
Image Credit: Weibo

Lenovo has not yet issued the specifics about its latest launch plans for smartphones. The timing of the new trailer, however, shows that with its new season, the company is aiming to give Xiaomi’s Redmi a tough contest.

The new phones are supposed to be part of Lenovo’s Lemon series and to attract the masses as cheap alternatives. A few years ago the company sold Lemon-branded phones in China, but in the recent past, it totally discontinued that collection.

Lenovo could carry Moto G9 Power with a rebranding under its latest smartphone series, if we look at some of the recent news. The handset was spotted on the US FCC with model numbers XT2091-3 and XT2091-8, where the Lenovo phone is known to be the latter.

Recently, another Moto G9 Power version with the model number XT2091-7 appeared on China’s TENAA certification website. The online listing indicated that a 6.78-inch monitor and a 5,640mAh battery could come with it. However the Moto G9 Power comes with a 6.8-inch display and has a 6,000 mAh battery. This indicates some inconsistencies between the two smartphones.