Jio Rs 11 4G Voucher Now Offers 25% More Data


The cheapest 4G Data Voucher costing Rs 11 has been revised by Reliance Jio. Up until now, the Rs 11 4G Data Voucher from Reliance Jio used to offer 800MB of data. The plan offers 1 GB of data following the revision. The remaining vouchers of Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101 continue to offer the same advantages as previously, in addition to the Rs 11 4G Data Voucher. With these 4G Data Vouchers, we reported the removal of voice calling benefits earlier this month. The removal of off-net voice calling charges also forced Jio to remove the off-net minutes available on the 4G Data Vouchers for the ignorant. The latest Rs 11 voucher revision is not a bad one, as customers now get 25 percent more information compared to the previous benefit. The Rs 21 pack provides 2 GB of data and the Rs 101 4G Data Voucher provides a data benefit of 12 GB.

Data vouchers for Reliance Jio 4G: What are they offering now?

The only revision has been made to the Rs 11 4G Data Voucher, as mentioned above. The plan used to provide 800MB of 4G data advantage earlier, and the revision made the plan offer 1GB of 4G data. The plan’s validity will be the same as your current plan. Since these are just 4G Data Vouchers, other benefits such as voice calling or SMS will not be available to you.

Jio’s three remaining 4G Data Vouchers remain unchanged. The Rs 21 pack provides 2 GB of 4 G data, followed by the Rs 51 pack with 6 GB of 4 G data, and finally, the Rs 101 pack has a 12 GB data benefit on offer. In addition to these 4G Data Vouchers, Reliance Jio also has three home work plans priced at Rs 151, Rs 201 and Rs 251, offering data benefits of 30 GB, 40 GB and 50 GB, respectively. Again, with calling and SMS advantages, these Work from Home plans will now also ship.

The news about tariff hikes is slowly fading away and Jio continues to revise his plans to provide better offers than before. The off-net voice calling charges were removed by Reliance Jio at the beginning of this year.

At the beginning of 2020, the 4G Data Vouchers were revised, with off-net minutes being added to the benefits list. The Rs 11 4G Data Voucher, along with 75 non-Jio minutes, provided 800MB of data. Jio removed the off-net calling benefit, however, and also made the validity similar to the validity of the existing plan. To keep the customer base unchanged, these are good moves from Reliance Jio.

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