Intel unveils Adaptive Boost Technology for 11th Gen Core i9 Series CPUs

Intel 11th Gen Core series (Rocket Lake-S) will contain a new technology called Adaptive Boost. This is a modern clock changing method that will only be possible with some Core SKUs. Adaptive Boost will be possible with Core i9 K-series and Core i9 KF-series processors, according to Intel. Both Thermal Velocity Boost (TVB) and Adaptive Boost Technology (ABT) will, however, be exclusive to Rocket Lake’s Core i9-11900K(F) range.

According to the slide, the ADT will operate on top of the Thermal Velocity Boost. The technology can work within the parameters and should not be considered overclocking. The technology would take advantage of the system’s existing thermal and power headroom.

ADT appears to be capable of operating at temperatures of up to 100oC for 3 to 8 cores, while TVB is only capable of operating at temperatures of up to 70oC. This potentially allows for speeds of up to 5.1 GHz on select cores. Officially, the Core i9 series provides up to a 4.8 GHz all-core boost, so if power and temperature requirements are met, all cores can boost up to 5.1 GHz, 300 MHz above the specifications.