Huawei HDC Teaser

The Revolutionary Honor’s Smart Screen Product Will Be Announced At HDC 2019

Honor announced around a week back in China a revolutionary product category called Smart Screens. These are big display appliances, comparable to a TV, but much faster and linked, catering to the requirements of modern-day users. However, Honor did not reveal much about the new device category after teasing the new product. That altered last evening as Honor says that the fresh Smart Screen item will reach us at HDC 2019 from August 9-11.

Huawei HDC Teaser

In an official Weibo article, Huawei announced a teaser for the Smart Screen to be presented at this year’s developer conference in China. It says, “When mobile phones are no longer mobile phones, pcs are no longer pcs, what would a intelligent item sound like if it were lifted to the Nth energy?”.

Honor then forwarded the same Weibo article requesting its supporters if they were looking forward to it. The teaser picture demonstrates us a human figure outline with all types of smart products inside. Clearly, the incident is going to be a very nice platform to unveil the latest machine along with its software, potentially the fresh HongMeng OS.

Huawei also published a teaser previously, showing a platform depicting all types of intelligent products. Since HongMeng has been created to be a one-stop solution for everything intelligent, it feels like we’re going to get our first glimpse of the event’s OS. Interestingly, Huawei ceo said that HongMeng is not really produced for smartphones. So, the target market for the fresh operating system is likely to be this fresh Honor Smart Screen, and probably a lot of other smart products.

Given Huawei’s readiness to fall in a few teasers before the formal August case, we can expect to see more information in the coming days.

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