Here are the recent, Google new updates being introduced to all Android users

Google released several new Android features, such as Emoji’s Kitchen and auto-narrated audiobooks. The new features have been added, and should be available to all users shortly.

Google is rolling out a new Dark Mode for their Maps application, the ability to schedule messages in Google Messaging, new Assistant commands that can be used hands-free, a new version of TalkBack, and some more customizations for Android Auto. Here is a list of similar information, including historical development.

Password Analysis Tool

The password checkup tool from Google is very helpful in determining if an account has been compromised, and is soon arriving for Android phones as well. If the user has enabled the Autofill on the smartphone for saving credentials, Google will suggest updates to make to the saved credentials.

Message Scheduling

Google has confirmed that their Google Messages application will soon be able to schedule messages. The feature has been around since September, but was not officially announced until this year. Users can now schedule messages by simply pressing the schedule button after typing out the message and then tapping the schedule button. The app will also show the suggested timings based on the user’s unique input parameters.

Google’s new dark mode

Google has introduced Dark Mode in nearly all of their applications and now they are bringing it to Google Maps The feature is now available, but it has been delayed, and now it’s finally here. To enable Dark Mode in Google Maps, the user will need to go to the Settings in the application and then look for “Theme.” In there, toggle the option for “Always in Dark Theme” or anything else from the options.

Convenient, hands-free Google Assistant commands

The hands-free commands for Google Assistant have been available for some time, so this isn’t a new feature. However, the company has since expanded on the commands by making them easier for users to access. According to the announcement, users will now be able to make calls, text messages and set alarms without having to unlock their phone. Additional glanceable cards now provide key information on the lock screen.

Updated TalkBack

Android has a screen reader that is suitable for visually impaired and low vision persons. The redesign of the interface includes an improved gesture-based interface, a unified menu layout, a new reading control menu, and more. The company claims that it has added several new finger gestures to the Pixel and Galaxy devices that are easier to do. The browser’s new reading controls can be edited by swiping with three fingers. There are also new voice commands, increased support for braille, and better support for different languages in TalkBack’s braille keyboard.

Android Car Customizations

The latest Android Auto update will additionally include support for custom wallpapers and adaptive game play. The company also plans to offer shortcuts to certain individual applications, such as contacts, weather, and other personal settings.

It will also roll out a new new split-screen view when the car has a wider display and a privacy screen when there are others along with the user in the car.

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