HBM2E The fastest memory in the world that SK Hynix announced

SK Hynix today unveiled its HBM2E DRAM with an industry-leading bandwidth of 50 percent and twice as much capacity as the last gene. The new HBM2E standard supports a bandwidth of over 460GB / s based on 3.6GB / s performance pin with 1,024 I / O data.

This feature is achieved by SK Hynix using TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology to stack up to 8 16Gb chips vertically, resulting in a dense 16 GB data bundle. HBM2E is closely linked to GPUs and logic chips, separated by just a few micro-meters, resulting in faster and more efficient data transmission. It is built from the ground up to support supercomputers, high-end GPUs, machine learning and AI systems that require the highest performance in memory.

For comparison purposes, the RTX 2080 with memory 8 GB GDDR6 provides 448GB / s of bandwidth while the latest HBM2E memory provides twice as much ability at the same moment with a substantial efficiency rise. The present GPU offering the largest bandwidth of memory is the 1,024 GB / s AMD Radeon VII. It can offer up to 1,840GB / s of bandwidth using the new SK Hynix memory, making it nearly 80 percent faster.

At the beginning of the 4th Industrial Era, the first SK Hynix HBM2E chips will start mass production in 2020.

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