Google Duo Latest Update to Allow Up to 32 People in Video Conference Call

People need a safe and efficient video conferencing app that will help them to get through this global pandemic by working from home. The application’s use is not only restricted to working from home but also to communicating with your loved ones. But with the Google Pair, though it’s one of the easiest and simplest video conferencing software to use, only 12 people can enter at a time. But now Google is changing that, and increasing Google Duo’s maximum capacity to 32 users.

New AR Effects to Be Launched in Google Duo

Google won’t be behind the other devices when it comes to adding smart functionality to Duo. Google will also introduce new AR-effects in its video calling app, according to some studies. The app can identify and match the facial expressions of the users. Google Duo already has some AR effects for the unaware, but they can not identify the facial expression of a human. There is no confirmation from Google as to the exact dates when the update will be rolled out, but it is fair to say that it will be out soon given the increasing demand for platforms for video conferencing.

Google Duo Will Give Tough Competition to Likes of Facebook and Zoom

The video conferencing market dominated by Facebook and Zoom. For the majority of people they have been the go-to devices. But this is because the market has so few applications with the same features as these. But after upgrading Google Duo and having up to 32 people in a single call, it’s a no-brainer it’ll attract a large part of the market. People trust Google and they know the search engine giant is safe about their results. At the same time, Reliance Jio will carry with it its new video conferencing device — JioMeet. Whenever it launches in India there is a good likelihood that any other video conference platform will also be given a tough competition.

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