Global Chip shortage will affect Android flagships “except Apple”

Today, Samsung cautioned that there is a “serious imbalance” in semiconductors around the world, and that a chip shortage could postpone the launch of its Note flagship. Analysts also point out that, with the exception of Apple, this shortage affects almost all.

According to Bloomberg, “Samsung expects the credit crunch to be an issue in its next quarter.” After more than a decade of annual releases, Co-CEO Koh Dong-jin said at an annual shareholder meeting in Seoul that the company could forego introducing a new Galaxy Note this year.

Continental AG, Renesas Electronics Corp., and Innolux Corp., among others, have recently warned of longer-than-expected deficits due to unprecedented COVID-era demand for everything from cars to game consoles and mobile devices.

“There is a major imbalance in chip supply and demand in the global IT sector,” said Koh, who manages the company’s IT and mobile divisions. “Despite the challenging climate, our business leaders are meeting with partners from around the world to address these issues. It is impossible to assume that the scarcity crisis has been fully resolved.”

According to MS Hwang, an analyst at Samsung Securities, “the tightened supply of Qualcomm AP chips produced by TSMC is affecting everyone but Apple.” According to Hwang, this issue will also have an effect on the availability of display driver ICs and the TV industry, as LCD panel prices rise.

According to Bloomberg, “some experts believe shortages will be largely resolved in the coming months.” However, there is concern that tight supply in some segments can inevitably suffocate the wider consumer electronics industry and push up prices if it continues.”