Four Apple SoCs coming soon, new iPhones in development.

A new leak reveals that Apple is apparently developing new SoCs (system on chip). If this true rumor is true, then the company could soon feature four new types of chips in their products.

According to a reputable iPhone leaker, Apple is hard at work developing new and cutting edge chips. Last year, both tiers of the SoC processors, namely the T6000x series and the T811x series, were unveiled. Within the former group, the T6010 and T6020 will be launched whereas within the latter group, the T6111 and T8111 will be launched. Unfortunately the source did not mention which products will these chips be put in.

We can conclude that the design of the 8000 series indicates that it will be used for iPhones, iPads, or possibly smaller Macs, based on the fact that Apple has recently carried the 8000 series model numbers. This means that the purpose of the T6000 series chips is still unclear. Apple is likely designing and developing even more powerful computers like the iMac and MacBook Pro, say insiders.

This news is still unconfirmed. It will take some time before we get more information about these new processor chips. Stay tuned for future updates.