Fortnite Players Can Now Make PC Video Calls From HouseParty, PlayStation Consoles

Fortnite is making use of the acquisition of Epic Games’ Houseparty to add video chats to Epic Games’ iconic battle royale title. Epic Games acquired the community video chat app Houseparty in June last year and over a year later, it was eventually incorporated into the most popular game in the studio. Houseparty will now allow Fortnite gamers to connect via video chat with friends and family members while chasing down a coveted ‘Victory Royale’ in the game from today onwards. It should be noted that it is important to install the Houseparty app on a smartphone or tablet for the feature to function.

In a blog post, Epic Games announced that only Fortnite players on PC, PlayStation 5, or PlayStation 4 can access the HouseParty video chat feature. If and when the feature will also be made available for more platforms, there is still no news.

For the function to work, you need to have the Houseparty app installed on your smartphone or tablet. Basically, the Android or iOS computer is turned into a webcam to be used during a video chat. You can see your friends’ faces on the screen when a chat is allowed and continue chatting with them while you’re playing Fortnite.

Of course, for the feature to work, your Epic and Houseparty accounts have to be connected. To customize your weapon or car, you can unlock a special Rainbow Fog Wrap as a reward for linking the two accounts. Epic is also giving away a free Rainbow Fog Wrap for players on non-PC or PlayStation platforms. Everything you need to do is play five matches between November 20th and November 26th with your mates. In the blog post, Epic revealed that a free wrap would be shipped to your account by December 4.

In an interesting feature, the video feed of you and your friends will be cut around the face while a video chat is on with a vibrant backdrop that fits Fortnite’s famous bright palette.

How to set up video chat on Fortnite

Follow these simple steps to quickly set up or join a video chat session:

  • Open Houseparty app on your device.
  • Connect to Fortnite through the Settings or TV icon.
  • Invite friends to join you, or join them in a call.
  • Launch Fortnite on PC or your PlayStation console.
  • Chat with your friends while you play while seeing them on screen.

The Houseparty video chat service is limited to players over the age of 13 for protection. Only your friends at the House Party will engage in a video call. Gamers would also have the ability to block individuals or restrict the number of on-call participants.