Five WhatsApp features we all are eagerly waiting for

WhatsApp releases new features every other week to enhance the overall user experience. The Facebook owned messaging platform recently introduced several new features including disappearing messages, delete in bulk, Shopping and many more. The platform is gearing up to release more and more features for users globally. Out of the many upcoming features we have listed out five features that will make your experience on WhatsApp better than ever before. Take a look. 

Read Later

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WhatsApp Read Later will reportedly replace the existing Archived Chat feature. The feature will work similarly to long time rumoured Vacation mode. Once the feature is enabled for a chat, you will no longer get messages or call notifications from the select contact. You will be able to enable or disable the option for a chat whenever required. Unlike the Archived Chat feature, Read Later will not notify you when a selected contact sends a message. 

Mute Videos Before Sending

This one is an important feature that the messaging platform is working on. The ‘mute videos before sending’ feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo. As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to mute a video before sending to a contact similar to other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter. The feature is currently being tested and will release soon.

Report to WhatsApp

This is also an important feature that the messaging platform is working on right now. Once this message is available you will be able to report a WhatsApp contact if they send unwanted messages. The messaging platform is said to introduce a Report to WhatsApp option to make it easy for users to report a contact if required.

Multi-device support

This feature is being tested for several months now. Reports suggest that the multi-device support feature is in the final stage of testing and should be available for users very soon. This feature becomes even more important right now as we work from home and connect several devices to keep in regular touch with colleagues and do our everyday work.

Advanced Wallpaper

Right now WhatsApp allows you to change the wallpaper and that is maintained for all contact. With the Advanced Wallpaper option, users will be able to select a specific wallpaper for a contact. The feature is currently under development and should be released for all users very soon.

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