FAU-G Becomes Top Free Game on Google Play Store With Over 5 Million Downloads

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, who was also involved in the game’s production, is promoting FAU-G.

In India, developer nCore Games has reported on Twitter that FAU-G has become the top free game on Google Play. The game was released after several delays on Republic Day, January 26. The developers state that within 24 hours of its launch, it reached five million downloads. FAU-G is based on the exploits carried out by Indian soldiers stationed in the Galwan Valley. For now, it only provides a single player campaign, but the developers have said that two additional modes will be available in the future.

NCore Games took to Twitter to announce that on Google Play, which is the only platform on which it was launched, FAU-G has been the top free title. The post also states that within 24 hours, the game had five million downloads. Following many delays, FAU-G was released on January 26 and had more than four million pre-registrations on the Google Play store ahead of its launch.

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