Every realme phone launched above ₹20,000 will support 5G in India 2021

5G hasn’t gained a big following in India as of right now and new reports suggest that it won’t be gaining traction quickly. However, this has not halted smartphone manufacturers from launching 5G-enabled handsets. Last year, the realme X50 Pro, a 5G flagship phone was launched in India. They launched their X7 series in the country in 2021. The company’s CEO Madhav Sheth says that of the devices launching in the early 2020’s, all will have 5G wireless support. Please enter or paste the quotation here and then press the Paraphrase button.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Madhav Sheth, CEO of realme India, said, “We will launch 50 percent of the products in our portfolio in the next year that support 5G connectivity” The company hopes to target customers with 5G-enabled devices above ₹20,000, but at extremely affordable prices as well.

Regarding the rollout of 5G, although giants like Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel are ready, the government has announced plans to test 5G in more cities. We have yet to auction the 5G spectrum. realme recently introduced the realme X7 5G at a starting price of ₹19,999 in India. In the previous region of 5G devices, Moto was a pioneer with Moto G 5G.

Afterwards, Xiaomi released its Mi 10i phone, and several other companies such as Motorola and Nokia are now bringing out their own smartphones with even better features. Because of this, the race to develop 5G service is heating up in 2021. Madhav suggests that progress like 5G will aid in improved connectivity and smart home setup. He believes that the next generation of network will play a crucial role in defining ‘smart’ and personal lifestyles. The company has announced that it will release over 100 Smart AIoT products this year. There are several contenders including actual devices from realme, the successor of realme Buds Q, the realme Buds Q2, Smart Trimmers, Motion-Activated lights, etc.