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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reboot- The Resurgence of a Behemoth

Call of Duty is probably one of the most popular first-person shooters of all time and has come a long way since its first release in 2003. It has created a kind of love and hate connection with the gaming community over the years. From strong gameplay, revolutionizing multiplayer mode to almost becoming a blatant series with no fresh addition to the gameplay except for graphics. What began in a two-set world war literally went everywhere one can imagine: modern, future, and even space.

However, since 2016, the year the developers came out of Infinite Warfare has taken a slightly distinct strategy by releasing a remastered version of one of their most acclaimed and financially successful title, Modern Warfare, released in 2007. They returned to their roots the following year, taking in their title WWII a cue from Battlefield, which is a game set in the familiar environments of World War Two. In 2018, the curve was broken in the form of Black Ops 4, dissecting traditional single-player mode and including their own take on the notorious royal battle mode called Blackout.

Just ahead of E3 2019, developer Infinity Ward announced their new title called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a soft reboot of their famous subseries. Again, continuing their act of revival that they started in 2016 and drifting apart in 2018.

Here a list of things to expect and look out in the upcoming title:

Single player campaign:

The single-player campaign returns after a year-long hiatus. The single-player campaign and its storyline have always been at the core of the series of modern warfare. With this reboot or reimagination, one can expect a comparable type of therapy to the storyline and how it is presented. Like, switch the point of perspective between various characters.

As each character reveals a totally distinct aspect of the tale and how it affects the speed and nature of the gameplay to complement the narrative change. Something like the ‘No Russian’ mission in Modern Warfare 2 where players have to massacre a lot of NPCs. Similarly, the tone of the storyline will be darker and more gruesome as designers want to explore the boundaries where moral lines are blurred during the moment of war.


Since the designers are returning to this hit sub-series after a lengthy break, one of the most important elements will be how far they can increase the graphics quality bar with the recent release. One of the striking characteristics about this game will be its fresh engine. Developers have said they’ve been developing this brand-new engine for five years. It will also support DirectX Raytracing (DXR) on your PC.

Call of Duty

However, it implies designers will work with Nvidia to promote this function. In this case, the engine will have to support DX12, as it is a DXR requirement, and we have seen that DX12 generally performs a little better on AMD hardware, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. All these aspects point to only one thing that the game will be able to achieve next-level photorealistic graphics, which we haven’t seen in any Call of Duty game. The trailer published consisted completely of in-game footage and it was breathtaking.


One thing for which Call of Duty has faced maximum criticism from even their faithful fanbases has been how over time their gameplay has become blatant and repetitive without adding fresh components. Not only that, buggy or below par AI took the challenge out of the Call of Duty matches. Among the chaos, one can notice a few stuff in the game’s reveal trailer, which is full of action-packed sequences, which could mean a step in the correct direction.

call of duty

There is a scene where a gunman shoots a militant while staying in the cover behind a vehicle, the angle of the weapon and the recoil looks realistic and natural. Small information, but these are things that make the player experience more immersive. When it comes to buggy AI, we can only hope designers pay attention to it and make it more difficult, rather than standing in one place and shooting the enemy’s waves coming in a linear way.


Having a battle royale mode has become a custom nowadays for every other shooting game. It would be like a breath of fresh air if they stick to the classic multiplayer mode that CoD first revolutionized with some of its own bag of tricks. It’s also kind of evident that this game will feature the blackout mode as well as following the Blackout 4 footsteps. Talks are also going around the co-op mission mode which can be a nice addition to the multiplayer section and will be a enormous boost as the game will also promote cross-platform play, which implies you and your colleagues can shed some lead together regardless of what console you have.

Cross-platform play is always a welcome move as it provides players an opportunity to play with a more diverse collection of gamers and a reason for console owners to crib when they get smoked by PC elites, speak about those frame rates.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare :- The game has produced a lot of favorable buzz within the gaming community since the day of its announcement. All the data about the game that has surfaced so far is a move in the correct direction. As CoD slowly and steadily lost its own identity to keep up with rivals like Fortnite and other types of battle royale matches. If pulled off properly, it could imply the end of CoD’s resurgence curve that started in 2016. It’s also a significant step towards gaining back their die-hard fan base that they’ve already been excited about.


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