BSNL To Discontinue Prepaid Broadband Plans Across India

The state-owned telco BSNL is planning to phase down its prepaid broadband service, which is now available in all of its telecom circles. Customers may get unlimited high-speed broadband internet connection without worrying about hefty monthly charges because the telco only offers prepaid broadband in the DSL segment for now. It provided perks such as mobility, DSL broadband connection sharing, and internet charge control, among others.

Previously, BSNL’s prepaid broadband customers could use their accounts from anywhere in India via an internet-enabled telephone line. A DSL connection could also be shared with a group of prepaid broadband subscribers, such as professionals, students, and so on. In addition, the service provider offered both restricted and unlimited prepaid internet options to all of its customers in India.

All of these advantages were accessible to BSNL prepaid broadband customers starting at Rs 200. Despite its low cost and extensive list of perks, this business had a small user base. Now, BSNL has chosen to phase out the prepaid internet service in favour of postpaid for existing users.

Prepaid Broadband Services by BSNL are being phased out

According to KeralaTelecom, BSNL officials have instructed operating telecom zones to convert existing prepaid DSL internet customers to postpaid services. This will be accomplished by moving the amount of their existing prepaid account to their individual postpaid accounts as credit. Customers interested in BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) or Bharat Air Fiber (BAF) services should be aware that maximum upload and download speeds will be limited.

BSNL has already introduced a special discount programme for existing landline customers who transition to BSNL FTTH. Customers who move to BSNL Fiber will receive a discount of up to Rs 600 as part of this promotional offer.

Customers can now sell their landline numbers and move to the next-generation ultra-fast Bharat Fiber connection by selling their old BSNL telephone line. Users must submit the form to the BSNL telephone exchange or customer service centre to keep their landline number. The BSNL FTTH monthly rates, for example, start at Rs 399 and offer a download speed of 30 Mbps. Furthermore, these plans include free unlimited voice calls with no additional fees.

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