Bermuda Triangle mystery solved, see what scientists claimed

A mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle is roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, where dozens of ships and airplanes have vanished. It’s been a mystery that for years has puzzled scientists, but one scientist believes he may finally know what’s behind the disappearance of the Bermuda Triangle.

There are 1000ft rogue waves inside the triangle, according to scientists at the University of Southampton, which may be a reason behind so many ships or planes sinking inside it. In the documentary “The Bermuda Triangle Enigma,” in which they used indoor simulators to create monster water surges, scientists explained their terminology on Channel 5.

Scientists created a model USS Cyclops, a massive vessel missing in the triangle in 1918, claiming 300 lives, to be properly explained. And it doesn’t take long before the model is overcome by water during the simulation, because of its sheer size and flat base.

During World War 1, the Cyclops was a 542-feet vessel used to ferry fuel and disappeared in 1918 while on its way from Bahia to Baltimore.

Some experts argue that there was a supernatural end to the Cyclops. The ship could have disappeared anywhere, and not necessarily in the triangle itself, possibly the most significant loss in US Naval history. That infamous region in the Atlantic can see three massive storms coming together from different directions, the perfect conditions for a rogue wave,” said Dr. Simon Boxall, an ocean and earth scientist.”

“A boat, such as the Cyclops, could snap into TWO with such a surge in water.”

According to him, the storm could come entirely from the south and the north.

He also said, “And if there are additional ones from Florida, it could be a potentially deadly rogue wave formation.”

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