Battlefield 3 Mod Adds Private, Moddable Servers

Many years past its release date, an invested, enthusiastic audience and fanbase will keep a game alive and significant. As long-time fans now have a new way to take control of the title, 9 years after its initial release and final downloadable content updates, this describes both Battlefield 3 and its players perfectly.

With mods, creative developers have done some remarkable stuff, altering a favorite game in new and sometimes thrilling ways. After five years of anticipation, the tactical multiplayer online classic will finally be updated by Battlefield 3 gamers and the fan community.

The Venice Unleashed model has gone online, allowing developers to reverse-engineer codes inside the Battlefield 3 servers. This enables gamers to build custom display cases for private servers as well as to open up the game for improvements of all kinds. As well as a complete configuration suite for dedicated servers, the VU grants full access to mod software. This also makes it possible for gamers to play and host mod servers, providing a way to invite the entire group to experience customized development and vision.

Opening up to the modding community invigorates both an existing fan community and a new one will enable developers to create and share visions of how to play this well-respected online team-based shooter. It can also serve another significant function by establishing unique checks and criteria to finally support the fight against cheaters among the servers, an issue that has sadly plagued the online community of Battlefield 3 for years.

Originally released on October 25, 2011, Battlefield 3 is widely regarded as the military franchise’s standout favorite, sitting on Metacritic at a positive 89 percent. Going forward, it would be important to see if the game sparks renewed interest and if there is a rise in the player base for the game.

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