Asus Reveals z590 Motherboards, Ready for Intel 11th Gen CPUs

In order to get the most out of the Next-Gen technology coming to the larger market in 2021, ASUS has announced a brand new piece of hardware for PC rig builders. The hardware developer is entering the new generation of computer hardware with the upcoming Z590 Series motherboards, with a focus on speed and compatibility with Intel’s 11th Gen CPU. This new series of motherboards, initially presented at CES in January, comes alongside a new Z590 desktop platform that ASUS is also launching this year. Although the exact release dates and price for the Z590 Series motherboards have still not been released, ASUS plans to roll them out later in February at an unspecified time.

The Z590 Series motherboards also come with a number of distinct hardware features specific to the device line, in addition to being built to integrate with the Intel 11th Gen CPU. For increased performance and ease of use, these features include AI overclocking and cooling, as well as two-way noise cancellation built directly into the motherboards. This means that with the click of a button, with the unit itself maintaining the push and pull between processing power and heat regulation, a user can set the Z590 series to maximize the performance of their systems.

The AI cooling also works in tandem with the cancellation of two-way noise to keep the motherboards of the Z590 Series running smooth and quiet with little need for user tweaking and constant monitoring. This is accomplished by using the cooling systems of a rig, either fan, liquid, or both, and balancing the overall performance to prevent both dangerously overheating and constant noises from blaring. Best of all, each of these features comes standard with most of the motherboards in the product series, so the AI cooling or two-way noise canceling does not necessarily count for price shopping.

All in all, the features available on the motherboards of the Z590 Series are interesting and could make any construction that uses the AMD graphics cards developed by ASUS stand out in 2021. Of course, as is the case with any high-end rig, when ASUS finally announces the prices of this new product line and builders are able to start comparing the characteristics to their cost, price will eventually have to come into play. In the past, however, the company has been able to make some affordable choices for players looking to get the best bang for a smaller buck, so there could be something between the series for each type of customer.