Apple will soon begin producing the iPhone 12 in India

The production of iPhone SE has recently ramped up to include the production of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. now, the rumor says the company is planning to start manufacturing iPhone 12 soon. In an attempt to reduce its reliance on China, Apple has been expanding its facilities in various regions throughout the country and in one place, India. Business Standard says that the next generation of iPhones will be produced in India.

According to the article, the Cupertino-based company will transfer 7% to 10% of iPhone production to India at first and ramp up over time In addition, the firm is considering shifting the production to India, but Apple has not yet made a final decision.

India will produce the 12th generation of iPhones, which will be for sale in the domestic market and exported. The company would stop having to pay large import duties by using local production. Until now, this has not benefited consumers, but it is too early to tell whether they will in the future. But giving it to the customers the benefits could mean a reduction in the price of the iPhone 12 in India. As a first step towards being a major player in India, Apple has been working hard to increase its market presence.