Apple will discontinue iMac Pro after current stock runs out

iMac Pro

Following on from US tech giant Apple’s efforts to restructure the iMacs, the news was recently revealed that the iMacs, which have been on the market for less than four years, will be discontinued after the current inventory is gone. This is a strong indication that the iMac Pro has not been able to pull the punches it needs and has not had any major improvements since its release, which had apparently influenced its overall performance level.

In addition, Apple launched the iMac in August 2020, which clearly satisfied the expected audience of the iMac Pro, and comes with greater power and speed. In a story on Bloomberg Business and Technology News Website in January 2021, Apple was reported to be at the advanced stage of redesigning its line-up of desktop computers underpinned by iMacs. Thus, the iMac Pro may have been the first casualty to undergo the ongoing redesign of the roster. Apple has not provided details about how long it will take before the iMac Pros stock is depleted through all its networks.

Apple also said on Saturday that Apple users interested in increasing their aspirations and desire for expandability and greater power on their desktop computers might opt for its current flagship product in the PC segment – the Apple Mac Pro. Mac Pro comes packed with greater versatility and power to eclipse iMac Pro and iMac in performance.

Apple is also expected to soon introduce an all-new range of iMacs featuring next-generation Apple Silicon CPUs and GPUs. The performance and efficiency of the M1X chip (or whatever it is called) is likely to eliminate the need for Apple to bifurcate the iMac product line and simply provide competitive computing performance for all iMacs, thereby removing the separate Pro model.

Supply restrictions on certain 21.5-inch iMacs are also a warning that a new iMac is imminent. The rumor mill expects Apple to introduce a radically redesigned iMac with thin bezels and a boxy design close to that of the Apple Pro Display XDR. However, the precise date of launch of the latest iMacs is still unknown. Most sources point to a summer release about the time of WWDC, but maybe the sudden discontinuation of the iMac Pro means that the computers of the new generation are coming a few months earlier than that.