Apple is searching for qualified engineers to develop a 6G wireless technology

Apple has been reported to have joined the Next G Alliance as of last year, and is looking to move forward with a new wireless network (6G). Apple will also start working on 6G in the near future. A new job posting was spotted by Bloomberg, indicating that Apple is hiring engineers and talent to help with next-generation cellular 6G technology.

6G technology is still several years away from deployment, considering that 5G is being deployed to only a small fraction of these areas. However, US companies have been caught off guard by their Chinese counterparts who led the way in 5G deployment, but are trying to avoid another situation like this where they were suddenly left behind.

The job posting explains that Apple is looking for people who will “research and design next-generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate in industry/academic forums passionate about 6G technology.” It states further that the candidate will have the unique and rewarding opportunity to craft next generation wireless technology that will have a deep impact on future Apple products. “With this role, you will be responsible for the development of next-generation radio access technologies over the next decade,” it states.

Experts agree that 6G standards will not be rolled out until around 2030, but this would be the best opportunity to begin research and development. Apple is reportedly looking to move ahead of competition by developing the next version of the modem that works in the iPhone. Several notable companies already have plans to research 6G technology, including Apple, Huawei, Nokia and others.