Apple is rumored to have joined negotiations with the government in India to manufacture iPads

Apple is attempting to diversify all of its product production to China. The company makes some models of the iPhone in India, but some sources report that Apple is considering moving their manufacturing to India.

According to a Reuters report, the US company is lobbying to get a fair deal that would allow them to make iPads in India. The report indicated that India was planning to roll out a program to boost their computer exports and Aple intended to take part in the program. But the Cupertino-based company wants to expand their contract.

According to Reuters, Apple plans to invest a total amount of Rs. 700 ($964 million) over a five-year period. They are seeking that the offer be raised to $50 billion. This is partly because there are worries that India’s supply chain cannot meet the demand that Apple has.

Apple already produces some iPhone models in India due to a government policy that imposes high tariffs on imported Apple products. This is part of an initiative to create employment and growth in India. Additionally, Apple is looking to move its entirety out of China in the future. An article in an Asian newspaper indicated that America-based Apple Inc plans to manufacture iPads in Vietnam this year. This will be the first time anyone has done this somewhere else.

According to Reuters, there is a strong likelihood that iPads can be manufactured in India as soon as this year, and one of Apple’s present contractors will handle the assembly. As of today, Apple has entered into at least one contract with Foxconn in India. Wistron is responsible for that as its work practices have recently generated a large amount of dust which necessitated an investigation by Apple.