Apple is reportedly beginning iPhone testing with an in-display fingerprint sensor

Apple has begun replacing the Touch ID or fingerprint recognition from the iPhone models since Apple announced its facial recognition system called Face ID. But now, technology seems to be able to make a comeback. Apple is testing a new Touch ID technology, as per the latest reports. Because most of the premium smartphones launched these days have an in-display fingerprint sensor, it seems that the bandwagon could also be jumped by Apple.

The in-display Touch ID is reportedly being tested by the company. Apple was previously reported to be able to bring in-display fingerprint sensors to the upcoming iPhones and the latest report shows that the company is making progress towards that. Apple is not expected to replace the Face ID, however. Reports from WSJ based on the data of two Apple employees, who remain anonymous, will be present in the upcoming iPhone model, both Touch and Face ID.

While the optical fingerprint sensor could be more reliable compared to the company’s current ultrasonic sensor, it is not expected that Apple will use the latest optical sensor unless it is as safe as the current version. These days, Apple uses Touch ID only on one smartphone, the iPhone SE. However, on MacBook devices, the fingerprint sensor is also accessible. Interestingly, the company moved the sensor from the screen to the sleep/wake button on the side of the iPad Air 4.