Apple iPhone 11 Production in India Now, Price for iPhones Could be Reduced

iPhone isn’t just mobile but a status symbol. But for some reason, it is a status symbol. Firstly, it is very expensive, secondly, it works very smoothly and is excellent. One reason Apple is pricing its very expensive iPhones in India is that they have to pay around 20 percent import duties on the iPhones it ships into the country. Another explanation that Tim Cook acknowledged is that for Indian buyers, Apple puts a premium on the Dollar against Indian Rupee. This is so that Apple will be able to invest heavier in R&D and bring better products in the future. One thing that had been missing up to now was that flagship iPhones were being manufactured in India. But Apple has changed that now and has started to produce iPhone 11 in India.

Apple iPhone 11 in India

Piyush Goyal, India’s Union minister, tweeted that Apple will now be making iPhone 11 in India. Parts assembly for iPhone 11 has already begun at a Chennai, India-based Foxconn factory. With time , Apple will look to raise the production rate so that it can export the iPhone 11 from India to other international markets.

Apple is also looking to set up production for its new iPhone SE 2020 plant at Wistron located in Bangalore, India, according to some reports. It’s not the first time Apple produces iPhones in India though. Apple began the production of iPhone XR back in October 2019 and along with that it also manufactured the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 in India.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated in the past that setting up production and manufacturing plants in India is one of Apple’s priorities. Cook said, “India in the long term I think is a really important market. Short-term it is a competitive market. But we know a lot. We have started production there which is very important in order to be able to serve the market in a fair manner. And we are expanding the power there.

This move would slowly let Apple stop making and exporting iPhones depending on China. The iPhone that will be made in India will all come with the tag ‘Assembled in India.’

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