Apple iOS 13.1.2 Starts Rolling Out After 13.1.1 : Bring Number of Bug Fixes

Software gigantic Apple has just launched its recent update on the market for Apple iPhone phones. This fresh update is bringing iOS version 13.1.2 to iOS. Yes, that’s correct you read, iOS 13.1.2. This update arrives a few days after the iOS 13.1.1 lately launched. Actually, in less than a month, the recent version is the fourth iOS update. For context, on September 19, the firm originally launched its all-important iOS 13 update. This upgrade implemented a number of bugs that made it quite useless for iPhone devices.

iOS 13 bugs led Apple to begin working on iOS 13.1 for its recent iPhone series in 2019. But iOS 13.1 wasn’t really bug-free, either. As a consequence, on September 27, Apple began rolling out iOS 13.1.1. But, with three updates in rapid succession, it feels like the business can still get it right. Apple has began rolling out iOS 13.1.2 and iPadOS 13.1.2 according to a study from The Verge. The recent update introduces bug fixes that plague iOS 13.1.1 users for a number of problems. The recent update adds fixes to iCloud backups, according to the change-log. It also “fixes a problem where camera, camera flashlight, Bluetooth, and HomePod may not operate.” The update also fixes a bug that “could lead to a loss of calibration information display.” Because the recent iPhone lineup for 2019 arrives with iOS 13.1, the fresh update must be installed by all iPhone customers.

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