Apple allegedly works with dual 8K displays on mixed-reality headsets

Bloomberg has previously reported that before the firm fully focuses on Augmented Reality glasses, Apple may have plans for an expensive VR headset. A new report claims that it may cost up to 3K USD for these mixed-reality glasses. Apple is already developing a headset, according to The Information, that would not require special input devices, it would only rely on eye, gesture and motion tracking.

It is reported that 8K resolution per eye would be present in the glasses. This resolution would not be implemented at all times, but the device would adjust the resolution automatically depending on where the user is looking. Using eye-tracking technology would accomplish this. The performance and battery life of the device would be increased by such a solution known as ‘foveated rendering’.

LIDAR sensors for room ramping will feature the rumored 8K Apple headset. This technology is similar to the one already available for the iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro.

It is rumored that the device is equipped with an Apple M1 chip, but the company is already developing numerous in-house ARM-based chips, so there is a possibility that the company may also work specifically for this device on a custom chip.

In 2022, the Apple 8K headset is projected to hit the market. The equipment would cost USD 3000, which would be much higher than other standalone VR headsets such as Oculus Quest 2 (priced at 299 USD).