Android 11 Launched On Google Pixel; Here Are 10 Cool New Features That The Update Brings

New Delhi: Google has released the much-awaited Android 11 first on Pixel devices on Tuesday. The latest Android update comes with features like location privacy for employees, dedicated tabs and bubbles for messaging, more security updates and more.

Android 11 will begin rolling out on Pixel devices, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme phones, with more devices joining over the coming months. Meanwhile, here are 10 cool new feature Android users will get with the new update:

    • Dedicated Tab For Messages On Notifications

People these days navigate through multiple messenger apps to communicate with their contacts. In Android 11, conversations across messaging apps will be moved to a dedicated tab in the notifications section to make it easy for people to respond in one spot. Users will also be able to prioritize conversations from certain people over others so important texts are received quickly.

Users will get chat ‘Bubbles’ as they do for Facebook messenger but with Android 11, it will be extended to all apps so that they are able to respond to important conversations without having to switch back and forth between messaging apps.

    • Built-In Screen Recording

For those who missed Built-in screen recording, the feature is finally here. It will enable users to capture and share what’s happening on the phone screen – record with sound from your mic, device, or both—no extra app needed.

    • Control Connect Devices With One Power Button

Users can access smart devices in one place by long-pressing the power button which will let them check connected devices or smart lock with a tap.

Media controls have been redesigned so that users can quickly switch the device for music/video being played – from headphones to speakers without missing a beat.

    • Android Auto – Skip Audio Jack

Android Auto now works wirelessly for all phones running Android 11 for compatible vehicles. So user can take the best of their phone on every drive while skipping the audio jack/cable. Android 11 users can also get directions with a tap, talk to send a text, play, favorite media and get help from Google Assistant.

    • Auto-Reset Permissions For Unused Apps

Many times users have apps on their phones that they have not used in a long time but these apps keep accessing their data. Android will now let users “auto-reset” permissions for unused apps and notify users accordingly. They can decide to re-grant the app permissions anytime that they use the app again.

With additional Google Play system update modules, users will receive more security and privacy fixes on phone from Google Play, in the same manner as app updates. So bugs get security fixed as soon as the fix for them is available, without having to wait for a full OS update.

    • Better Personal Date Security With Work Profile

For Android Enterprise users, Android 11 brings the privacy protections on a personally-owned device to the company-owned device. The work profile gives a user’s IT department tools to manage their device without gaining access to or monitoring their personal profile data or activity on the phone.

    • One-Time Permission For Apps

For the users who didn’t already have this feature, one-time permissions give single-use access to sensitive permissions like microphone, camera, and location. The next time the app needs to access them again, it must ask the user for their permission again.

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