AMD Navi 23 GPU block diagram for TESLA Model S 2021 infotainment system has been leaked

Along with changes to the car powertrain, Tesla announced that with the Tesla Arcade gaming platform, the updated Model S (which has not been updated since 2012) will feature a new infotainment system. This scheme will have 10 teraflops of power, which is just as powerful as Play Station 5, according to the announcement. While it is speculated that it may be based on AMD silicon, Tesla has not announced what chip is being used for the new system.

The Tesla Model S is rumored to be powered by an AMD RDNA2 chip, probably the Navi 23 GPU (there have been no leaks on CPU design yet). This is a mid-range GPU which AMD has not yet announced. The new GPU is rumored to have 32 units of Compute (or shall we say Commute?), which means 2048 Stream Processors. The GPU would have to be clocked at 2.44 GHz in order to achieve 10 TFLOPS of power.

With a price tag of 80K USD, Tesla is already taking preorders for the new Model S. The cars will be available in March, which could be in line with AMD’s potential announcement of this new graphics chip. It would also be used, particularly for the Radeon RX 6500 series, for discrete graphics cards.

A diagram showing the relation of the AMD Navi 23 GPU with Tesla onboard systems has been leaked.

Patrick Schur, a known leaker, posted a diagram which seems to confirm that Tesla will use the AMD Navi 23 GPU for its on-board entertainment and (possibly) navigation systems. The diagram confirms that Navi 23 will have 16 Gb (2 GB) of GDDR6 memory for Tesla systems. This memory is produced by Samsung (K4ZAF325XM). There would be 4 modules, which would mean 8 GB of total memory. The memory is 14 Gbps and is attached to a 128-bit memory bus, according to the diagram. This would provide, similar to the Xbox Series S, a maximum bandwidth of 224 GB/s.

Tesla ArcadeSony PlayStation 5Xbox Series XXbox Series SKFConsole
CPUTBC7nm AMD Zen27nm AMD Zen27nm AMD Zen214nm Intel Core i9-9980HK
CPU ConfigTBC 8C/16T 8C/16T 8C/16T 8C/16T
CPU ClockTBC up to 3.5 GHz up to 3.8GHz up to 3.6GHz up to 5.0 GHz
GPU Config 32 CUs (?) 36 CUs 52 CUs 20 CUs 30 SMs
GPU Clock 2.44 GHz 2.23 GHz 1.83 GHz 1.57 GHz 1.68 GHz
Memory 8GB G6 16GB G6 16GB G6 10GB G6TBC
Max Bandwidth 224 GB/s 448 GB/s 560 GB/s 224 GB/sTBC
Performance Targetup to 200mph4K up to 120fps4K up to 120fps1440p up to 120fps4K with RT
MSRP $79,990 $399*-$499 $499 $299TBC
Release DateMarch 2021November 2020November 2020November 2020TBC

Together with PCIe Gen4 x8 (8Gb/s), which is connected to onboard monitors and board to board (B2B) connectors, the system offers dual DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4 connections. The new system will offer up to 10 teraflops of power, which is comparable to the Sony PlayStation 5, according to Tesla. 32 Compute Units of Navi 23 GPU (2048 Stream Processors) would have to be clocked at least 2.44 GHz to achieve such an FP32 compute power.