AMD admits certain USB devices cause problems with their 5000-series Motherboards

Since the post was made, the issues have been widely discussed on Reddit, and have been experienced by multiple users who have commented on it. The USB port on a computer frequently drops out causing a keyboard, recording device, or VR headset to lose connection. VR headsets are probably one of the easiest ways for users to reproduce the problem. A system equipped with a high-end GPU based on a PCIe Gen4 interface in addition to a VR headset (which relies on high-power USB connections), can easily lead to USB devices disconnect.

Workarounds have been suggested, such as reducing the number of PCI lanes or by disabling C-States in BIOS. However, many users have reported that those do not help them solve their underlying problems, but instead slightly reduce the frequency of their experience.

The root cause of the computer issues is a lack of knowledge. Most likely, the AMD AGESA BIOS will collect more data and provide a fix in the future.

AMD is aware of the reports that there is a small number of 500 series chipset users that are experiencing intermittent USB connectivity issues. We are still working on the root cause and would now like to request the community’s assistance with a small selection of additional hardware configurations. Some future AMD users may be contacted by an AMD representative (u/AMDOfficial) via Reddit’s private messaging system with a request for more information.

This request will primarily consist of detailed hardware configuration information, steps to reproduce the issue, specific log information, and other system information. We plan to provide an update at a later time. Customers facing issues can submit a support request via our website, which enables us to compare notes with other customer support representatives.

Official AMD account on Reddit

The AMD B550 motherboard chipset has received a considerable boost in input/output features. Multiple USB 10Gbps ports are possible with the addition of two 10 Gbps ports, two 5Gbps ports, and two 480 Gbps ports. Vast amounts of graphics processing power can now be provided by the CPU, and the chipset supports PCI Gen3. The upgrade over the B450 chipset in terms of new CPU and GPU.